Total Investment
3,000,000 /- PKR

Franchise Fee
0 /-PKR

Royalty Fee

Nano IT Solutions is a Pakistani based Company which works in Immersive technologies. Our Headquarters is based in Peshawar which is the capital of KPK province. Our core product is a motion simulator platform known as NanoMOS. It’s a generic platform which can be used for Racing, Driving/Training, Aircraft or Spaceship based Sims/Games. We have an R&D pipeline. It has a number of its further Simulator variants in progress which will have 3DOF (Degree of Freedom), 4DOF Simulators, VR Motion Ride Seats, VR apps, VR Treadmill for First Person Shooter Games and many more. We also provide services and consultancy in developing custom games/apps for our Motion Simulators like RTAs and Aircraft Sims.

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