ICMS School System

Total Investment
4,000,000 /- PKR

Franchise Fee
1,000,000 /-PKR

Royalty Fee

ICMS Education System was established in the year of 2005 with an ambition to provide affordable and high quality education with best modern infrastructure facility along with a realization of social responsibility. The vision of the chairman was to establish a unique educational institute having its own characteristics and environment that distinguishes it from other schools. At ICMS, the entire community of students, teachers and their families, staff and servants share their problems, joys and sorrows. This develops an ethos where the school becomes a living and pulsating extended family. Residing and working together in an environment which is their home and abode, the interaction between the students, teacher and community as a whole, helps in the achievement of wider goals. The salient features of ICMS are religious virtues and mutual trust. ICMS has an atmosphere and environment which is stimulating, inspiring and conducive to create activity, learning and inquiry. This serves a

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