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Exploreville Schools

Total Investment

2,000,000 /- PKR

Franchise Fee

350,000 /- PKR

Security Fee

150,000 /- PKR

Royalty Fee

10 %

A Project of Sir Walid (CEO ROOTS INTERNATIONAL). It is the immense pride and joy that I INTRODUCE “ExploreVille Schools”, our latest foray in the world of education. ExploreVille Schools are structured to embolden and enrich children’s schooling experience by giving them the platform to discover their inherent talent and dreams. We appreciate your interest in learning about becoming Exploreville Schools franchise Partner. This guidebook is designed to acquaint you with Exploreville Schools and will provide you information regarding our franchise Partner program. With the ever increasing population of Pakistan, there is a niche for affordable quality education. Franchising offers advantages in terms of curriculum, focused advertising, innovative teaching methodologies, management control systems, and specialized training.

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